Xanthos, Pinara, Saklikent, Tlos, Patara Tour


Ruins of a roman city where you can see Lycian graves, a theatre and the rests of a basilica.You should go in the morning, otherwise it is too hot.


Saklikent litteraly means “hidden place”.The water is coming from 3 different wells, made a deep canyon into the mountains (to 300 m at some is places). In total the canyon which have a length of 18 km.The first 2 km are rather easy.


* Ancient city at the mountainside
* Graves in temple- and housestyle
* Enjoy the gorgeous panoramic view at the top of the ruins.


Yakapark is a nice and fresh place to take a break after this long trip.
Nice waterfalls and very old very old trees which bring a lot of shadow.


This is where famous Santa Claus was born.There are many remains of buildings and a theater (147 A.D.).The three arched gates at the entrance of the town were built in 100 A.D. At the seaside you wiil find one of the most beautiful of all Turkish beaches: 18 km of fine white sand.


Pinara is an old Lycian city.It is situated in a rough but romantic and wonderful valley.Please return through the valley, it is worth it!
Dinner time after Pinara!