Mountain Tour


Start from Kalkan 8.30 a.m.
On the way to the mountains we visit a 300 year old water reservoir. During the winter the mountain water fills this reservoir to provide water for the sheep and goats.


Canyon of Kaputaş
During the winter the mountain water flows down this canyon to Kaputaş beach.


The first village – Bezirgan
This fertile land between the mountains was formed by the river. At the left side, near the mountains, you can see the little wooden, grey houses. Here the villlagers store dried food for themselves and their animals to use during the winter.


Short Break in traditional turkish village with a source of, clean and cold, mountain water


The City Of Gombe
Typical daily market of farmers selling their fruits and vegetables. Here you can taste goat cheese, sweet rings and olives. Down the street you can try to win a packet of cigarettes at the local fair.


The taxi takes you up through the mountains on small but safe roads. Then you leave the car and a 15 minutes walk takes you up to the green lake. You can see women washing sheepwool and cooling it. This lake is also the source of the Saklıkent river. You can see people camping in the mountains, living in very primitive houses.


You will stop at a troutfarm where you will eat fresh trout.


Dervish-grave of Abdal Mussa
The grave, built in 1328, contains the body of Abdal Mussa and his relatives.You can see the original clothes and seals of the former sultan. On the outside walls of the building there is a Picture showing how he was murdered.


This 500-year-old Building has a bath with a lot of warmer. You start off with the sauna, which will last 15 minutes. Then your skin will be scrubbed with a rough glove. Next is a relaxing massage with soap. Water is poured over your head to remove the soap, starting with warm water, then cold water. Finally you have your hair washed and get a face-massage.